Hair dryer: the basic technique of hair dryer

Hairdressers usually use spareribs brush. The left hand and right hand can take the hair dryer and comb in turn, and the hair style can't be separated from the cooperation of the comb. The specific method is as follows: to insert the comb into the hair, 1 pressure: the effect of pressure is to make the hair flat. Use the comb back to press the hair, so that the hot air can penetrate into the hair from the teeth, and blow the hair flat. To insert the comb in the hair, 2 don't: in order to blow the hair into a slightly curved state. The comb moves downward along the scalp to make the hair stick incline inward. When operating, under the drive of the wrist, the hair stick is slightly bent, the comb does not move, and the air outlet blows against the comb to make the hair tip stick to the scalp and increase the elasticity of the hair. It is generally used for the small side part of the head seam or the hair tip part around the top contour. This method can also be used in the vortex generating area. Make hair solitary, 3 PICK: pick up a piece of hair with a comb and lift it up. The blowing mouth is facing the comb teeth to supply air, and the air is blown into a slightly uplifted shape. When operating, first insert the comb teeth into the hair from top to bottom, make the comb teeth outward, cooperate with the air blowing, lift the comb slightly upward, make the hair in the comb teeth bend into a semicircle arc, this technique will make the hair fluffy, the hair root standing, the hair stem bending and full of elasticity, mainly Acting on the top of the head. Push forward with a flat or diagonal line. 4 push: insert the comb into the hair and press it down. Make local hair bulge down to form a ripple.

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